Member Sign Up & Listing Updates

Membership Levels

  1. Individual (non-business) or Nonprofit. No vote for board position: $100
  2. Business Membership (Includes voice, vote and website/brochure listing.)
    • Level 1 Self Employed and No Employees: $150
    • Level 2 (Up to 5 FTE): $250
    • Level 3 (6 to 15 FTE): $300
    • Level 4 (16 or more FTE): $350

One Membership = One Listing

One membership equals one listing in Chamber media publications, such as the Chamber website and brochure. A member who has other businesses at the same physical location with fewer FT employees than their main listing will be allowed additional listings for those other businesses at $50 per additional listing.
Note! To be eligible for the discounted rate for a second or third business, the business MUST be at the SAME LOCATION/PHYSICAL ADDRESS as the Primary business.

How to Calculate Number of employees

Number of employees is calculated by the number hours paid to employees during the year. Total hours paid out over one year divided by 52, divided by 40, equals the number of FT employees.

First Time Primary Business Membership Incentive:

As an incentive to first time primary business memberships, a one-time introductory dues rate reduction of 30% will be given if the new member joins prior to February 1st of each year. A returning membership is not eligible for a first-time membership incentive. An existing member who opens a new membership for a business that has never held a Chamber membership is eligible for the incentive for that new membership, but not for his or her existing membership(s). Additionally, “new members” joining the Chamber after April 1st of any year will receive a prorated quarterly discount. The discount shall be no more than 50% of the annual dues rate.

  • Example: New member joins after April 1st and before July 1st. (discount is 25% of annual dues rate.) Member may not be listed on the current Chamber brochure if it has already been printed. Member “will” be listed on the Chamber website.
  • All new memberships paid after July 1st will be 50% of the annual dues rate. Member may not be listed on the current Chamber brochure. Member “will” be listed on the Chamber website.

We will review your application and email you with the amount owed and how to make a payment.



Sign Up Options

Your may either download and fill out a paper form or submit the online form below:

Download and Print our 2021 Chamber Membership Rates & Sign Up Form and mail it to:

Greater Lava Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 238
Lava Hot Springs, ID 83246
(208) 776-5500


Online Form

Please submit a separate form for each business.
Business Image: You can email us a large image that is at least 800px wide x 450px tall. It will be edited to fit.